The first of the series of photobiographies was made available on the internet for the 69th anniversary of D-Day 2013. This is the full tale of who Tony Vaccaro was and there are also photographs that go along with each of the stories. The books include detailed stories and photographs references:
• Normandy campaign
• Tony Vaccaro’s life (little boy - baptism by fire in Normandy, France)
• Interesting tales of famous people he photographed, which he is famous for.
• Normandy and Brittany campaigns
"As a result of the ghoulish mailman hiding my father’s camera, there are more photographs towards Brittany and less in Normandy." ~David Marttir Vaccaro
• Attack on Central Europe
• Battle for Germany
• Battle for the Rhine
• All of the action in the Ardennes region (Ardennes battles, including the Bulge)
• 329th Regiment
• Tony Vaccaro in the vanguard of the Allied eastward wave with a camera
• Battles in the Central European campaign
• Controversial proof of the battle over the Elbe River which demarcates the border to eastern Europe before the Cold War with Russia. Tony Vaccaro was part of a unit that waged war with the Russians.
" The Vets have all given up trying to prove that the Elbe crossing happened. The Conference at Yalta with Churchill, Stalin and F.D.R conceded that property to the USSR, but my father has photographed the area, in battle, and this book is out to prove that we did cross the river." ~ David Marttir Vaccaro

The stories continue the biography of Tony Vaccaro in Picture Peace about what we fought for, the golden age of creativity, music, art, sport and fame, in color, with his words, his famous stories.

David Vaccaro also hopes to eventually publish photobiographies of his father with more of the images they possess. If there is enough interest in these e-books, then they will even consider releasing the images of the front line that no one other than Tony Vaccaro has of Europe in the Second World War.




Picture War
Part 1
(About Tony)

Picture War
Part 2
"Nazi France"

Picture War
Part 3
"Winter War"

Picture War
Part 4
"War Removal Machine"

picture war 3

picture war 4



Picture Peace Part 1
"The Glory Trail"

Picture Peace Part 1

"The Gravy Train"

Picture Peace Part 1


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